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Dowa Hattem


I'm Dowa Hattem, With 36 years of experience in painting, I find that painting from nature is a source of joy in life. I believe that teaching painting as a university professor relies on listening to the internal music of nature, which holds all the secrets and depths of nature and the human soul. I paint outdoors directly from nature and sometimes add the final touches in my studio. I use different techniques, color palettes, styles, and textures according to the changing conditions of nature.I strive to infuse my paintings With vibrant energy, colors, and emotions, Those that I feel towards nature’s beauty. However, color and light always remain the protagonists of my paintings. Through eleven solo exhibitions and more than a hundred group exhibitions in Egypt and Europe, as well as the acquisition of my artworks in Egyptian museums or private collections in many countries, I believe that "painting is nothing more than words read with insight, not just sight". Artist Background • Professor& Former head of Decoration department at the faculty of applied art. • Had the PhD. Degree in 2004 • Had the M.A. Degree in 1999 • Obtained many prizes in painting
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