Contemporary art projects a dynamic and sophisticated corporate image. We have a wide catalog of paintings, sculptures, photographs and engravings, and we have more than 450 artists. In addition, works of art create a stimulating environment for employees. It's profitable: You can enjoy an original work of art by a renowned artist and it is a tax deductible expense for companies. It's flexible: The lease allows changes and acquisitions, and is comfortable: FLECHA is in charge from the projection studio to the installation.


Add to the rental of artwork our comprehensive and free advice service: selection of work, production and installation. 15 day trial period.


Through our free advice service we will help you choose, design and produce the perfect gift for your employees or clients. More than 450 artists and a vast catalog of works with very competitive prices. Your product, your headquarters, logo, claim, etc. converted into a work of art.


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Jaeran Won
Marbella, ES


Jaeran Won EDUCATION • Master of Fine Arts, Seoul National University of Science & Technology, Seoul, Korea, 2001 • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Seoul National University of Science & Technology, Seoul, Korea, 1998 • Certificate in Education, Soong Eui Women's College, Seoul, Korea, 1994 EXHIBITIONS Solo Exhibitions • 2008 Gallery SHANG, (New York, USA) • 2007 Rush Bar, Soho, (London, UK) • 2007 ‘Master, Master I need you’ (Elizabeth Cho Gallery, New York, USA) • 2004 Playing Doll (Gallery Chang, Seoul, Korea) • 2002 A Day (Gallery Hanseo, Seoul, Korea) • 2001 Café Indeco Gallery, (Seoul, Korea) • 2000 Now, I became an alien (Alternative Place Pool, Seoul, Korea) Group Exhibitions • 2013 Dazed and Refused (Arch Gallery, London, UK) • 2010 'Dark Pop 2.0'(Last Rites Gallery, New York, USA) • 2009 'Delineations'(New York, USA) • 2008 'Dark Pop (Last Rites Gallery, New York, USA) • 2008 Group show (Gallery SHANG, New York, USA) • 2008 'Dep Pop' (Kenneth Chapman Gallery, Lona College, New York, USA) • 2007 'Wishful Thinking' December Charity Show (Project Gallery LA, USA) • 2007 Group Exhibition –London Underground- Camden Station (London, UK) • 2007 Group Exhibition (Southend, UK) • 2007 ‘BNS SESSIONS PRESENTS’ (Bar Sputnik, USA) • 2007 'This is not Happening (and it's Freaking me out)' (Bar Sputnik, USA) • 2007 ‘Korea Now’ (Hutchins Gallery, New York, USA) • 2006 Group Exhibition (Here Gallery, Bristol, UK) • 2006 'Where the art speaks for itself'(Untitled Gallery at Throgmortons, London, UK) • 2006 Group Exhibition (The Sassoon Gallery, London, UK) • 2004~2005 A Humour in the Art (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyonggi-do, Korea) • 2004 'Imagination of Diet' (Sungkok Museum, Seoul, Korea) • 2004 'The Wedding' (Sungkok Museum, Seoul, Korea) • 2002 'The Place of Landscape' (Gallery Space Beam, Inchon, Korea) • 2001 'A Smell of the Men' (Gallery Daim, Seoul, Korea) • 2001 'Hide and Seek; Hide and tightly so that I can’t see your Hair' (Bupyong Former Government Building, Inchon, Korea) • 2001 'A Chorus' (The Culture Art Assembly, Inchon, Korea) • 2000 'A Piece of Eight Whole' Group Pulppuli (Gallery Dukwon, Seoul, Korea) • 1999 1ST Group Pulppli (Gallery Dukwon, Seoul, Korea) • 1999 '300 OF New Year’s Greeting Cards' (Alternative Place Loop) • 1998 Group Didimdol (Indeco Gallery, Seoul, Korea) Others • Thirdtext :'The Politics of Identity for Korean Women Artists Living in Britain' by Dr Beccy Kennedy-Schtyk - Manchaster School of Art • Book : ‘Imaging Migrantion in Post-War Britain' by Dr Beccy Kennedy-Schtyk - Manchester School of Art • Hanseo University (Seoul, Korea) owns and permanently displays the painting: ‘My Doll’
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Jaeran Won