Contemporary art projects a dynamic and sophisticated corporate image. We have a wide catalog of paintings, sculptures, photographs and engravings, and we have more than 450 artists. In addition, works of art create a stimulating environment for employees. It's profitable: You can enjoy an original work of art by a renowned artist and it is a tax deductible expense for companies. It's flexible: The lease allows changes and acquisitions, and is comfortable: FLECHA is in charge from the projection studio to the installation.


Add to the rental of artwork our comprehensive and free advice service: selection of work, production and installation. 15 day trial period.


Through our free advice service we will help you choose, design and produce the perfect gift for your employees or clients. More than 450 artists and a vast catalog of works with very competitive prices. Your product, your headquarters, logo, claim, etc. converted into a work of art.


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ART art
Ciudad de México, MX


Adrian Rodríguez Torres (ART) IG. @adrianrodto was born on November 21, 1989 in Mexico City. He studied the Bachelor of Visual Arts at the National School of Plastic Arts (ENAP) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) receiving in his professional examination honorable mention and obtaining a high average. He had a training in arts, neuromarketing, museography, photography, sculpture, painting, photographic lighting, scenographic design in various institutions. He was a teacher at the San Carlos Academy 4 years after graduating. 2017 formed an important role in his career, as he participated actively in international events such as "Burning Man", where he made a mural which 150 thousand people could appreciate, besides traveling and producing work for different collectors in New York , Miami, Phoenix, Puerto Rico, St Marteen and St Bathelemy As well as being part of the most important Contemporary Artists selection in Latin America and Spain, done by a Mexican Artistic Institution (MUVIPA), besides participating in the auction of "Aid For Aids" in the Oscar Roman Gallery in Polanco, CDMX , he has been in the auction house of Morton with some of his works, his work is currently in Baga06 gallery, he has participated in a mural for a hotel chain in La Condesa, and to be part of the auction house Morton, and in commemoration of the "World Art Day 2018" exhibited individually in the Legislative Museum of the Lesgislative Palace of Mexico City, besides being part of the project in conjunction with the Central del Muros, INJUVE and the UN for the development of themes and art projects in Spain, the creation of a wall for an important company in gas pipelines, an exhibition in the Senate of the Republic in 2019, and some publications in magazines and digital media c omo: Collective Culture, @arte_urbano_mx, Monolito Literary Magazine, Segib, among others and their works are collected by people in New York, Phoenix, Madrid Spain (Mural in the Tabacalera), Paintings in the SEGIB, and in MARES cultural center Puerta de Toledo, Puerto Rico, St Barthelemy, Colombia, Mexico, among others. It has a remarkable number of individual and collective exhibitions, as well as projects with brands and institutions, which makes it an active, current and proactive
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ART art