Contemporary art projects a dynamic and sophisticated corporate image. We have a wide catalog of paintings, sculptures, photographs and engravings, and we have more than 450 artists. In addition, works of art create a stimulating environment for employees. It's profitable: You can enjoy an original work of art by a renowned artist and it is a tax deductible expense for companies. It's flexible: The lease allows changes and acquisitions, and is comfortable: FLECHA is in charge from the projection studio to the installation.


Add to the rental of artwork our comprehensive and free advice service: selection of work, production and installation. 15 day trial period.


Through our free advice service we will help you choose, design and produce the perfect gift for your employees or clients. More than 450 artists and a vast catalog of works with very competitive prices. Your product, your headquarters, logo, claim, etc. converted into a work of art.


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FLECHA’S Universe

What is is a marketplace from the artists to the artists that, after 25 years of experience as an Art Fair, decides to jump into the commercial space of the XXI century: the web.

We want to bring near to the public the artworks of our artists. Likewise, we are willing to democratize the access to enjoyment and acquisition to the artist’s work.


What artists collaborate with

In FLECHA we are very open in terms of appreciating the work of any artist, whether emerging or consecrated, selecting (like good collectors) works and artists that move or interest us, without trying to lecture anybody, but being true to our philosophy and exposing jointly the work of young beginners and consolidated artists. Likewise, throughout these 25 years we have helped dozens of artists in the progression of its careers as well as dozens of collectors to begin or continue their hobby.
Now we want to multiply exponentially the scope of our work.


What can I find in

In you can find original artworks selected from the main artistic techniques: painting, sculpture, prints, collage, digital, drawing, photography ...

You can also order and receive quality reproductions of many of these works and many others, at a much lower price. You can buy this works framed or unframed, depending on your needs.


I know what kind of art I like, but how do I find it on the web?

Our philosophy is to care about the artists and clients by providing them accessible and affordable art. To do this, we have a web search engine and numerous filters, which allow you to find the kind of art that you like as well as navigate through the FLECHA universe. We also provide free advisory on and off line.

Web Search Engine:

For a quick search by artist, work or style, the recommended option is to use the web search engine that you will find at the top of our home page.


Through our filters, divided into: themes, styles, techniques, disciplines and prices, you will be able to have all our works categorized, which will facilitate you the search.


What browser is required to enjoy an optimal navigation?

To ensure an optimal and efficient navigation, please use the latest version of Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer.


Shopping at

How much are the shipping costs?

Regarding shipping costs, we cannot confirm you an exact figure, since there are many parameters that change the total/final amount. However, once you introduce the art piece that you like in the shopping cart, as well as your delivery address, the system automatically calculates the price of your shipment (before you finalize the purchase).

We have very favourable logistics agreements with different companies in order to benefit from the best prices. In addition, all our shipments include insurance. If you have any questions you can always contact us.


What payment method can I use in my purchases?

You can pay by credit card or debit Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Visa Electron or through PayPal.


I have problems with payment, what I can do?

If you have any problems when it comes to paying, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can provide immediate help, and solve the problem as soon as possible.


Do I have to create a user account in order to be able to buy in ?

Yes, if you want to buy in, you need to previously register. In this way, you'll always have your own profile through which you will be able to configure your orders and check the status and the historic of them.


How do I remove products from the shopping cart?

To remove a product from the shopping cart,you just need to click on the logo cart and then, click on the right button ( "delete" ) of the product you want to remove.


Can I have personalized assistance in my purchase?

Yes, in we offer personalized assistance to our clients, in order provide them a personalized shopping experience via e-mail( ) or by phone at +34 916 033 626 LV 9-14 / 16- 19 H.


After-Sales Service

When will I receive my order?

The estimated delivery time for Peninsula and Balearic’s, will be around 7 to 10 working days.

On the other hand, when it comes to reproductions, for standardized orders, the delivery time can take up to 5 days. If the reproduction is framed, the delivery time can oscilate around 10 working days.

International deliveries are treated in a special way, therefore, the delivery time varies in each case. In the order confirmation email, you will receive the estimated delievery time regarding your purchase. For more information, please contact us.


How I track my order?

When making a purchase in, you will receive an email with a link to the carrier’s web with a tracking number associated with your request. This number will also be available in your flecha’s profile /MY ACCOUNT / MY ORDERS)


Are the original works framed?

This information is specified in the artwork’s description.


Are the reproductions framed?

In we offer the possibility of receiving your reproductions/posters rolled in a tube or framed within a basic range of sizes and finishes.


How I can see my orders historical?

To check your history orders, you must access to your personal account, and clicking in the button that says: MY ORDERS.


How do I cancel my order?

You can cancel or modify your orders, provided they were previously accepted and confirmed by FLECHA, and only if the artwork’s is in prefect condition. This information will be provided to the customer in the description of the artwork. For example, no order cancellations or modifications will be accepted if the order is being prepared. In this particular case, if the client wishes to cancel the order, he will have to follow the general return process, as indicated below.

To cancel your order, please send us an email to giving us the following information: order number, basic details (name, etc) and collection address.

Please note that orders that include personalized custom works (i.e. posters with and without a frame) cannot be cancelled or returned unless the perceived product is wrong.


Returning products

Who do I have to contact in order to return my order?

If you want to return your order, send us an email to providing the following information: order number, basic details (name, etc) and collection address.

The artwork must be preserved in the same state as it was delivered and shall keep the instructions, documentation, accessories and, as far as possible, their original labeling and packaging.

The return to must be done in the same box, tube or envelope used in the delivery or, in a similar format in order to ensure that the return ends up in perfect condition and also, the authenticity certificate will be requested. Remember that the return label should be included outside the package.

Once the return procedure is completed, FLECHA will schedule the artwork’s pick up and you will be informed via e-mail of the exact date and time in which this last will take place. We will also send you, if needed, the return label to attach in the box.


Returning period

In case you want to return an artwork, you will have a period of fourteen (14) calendar days counting from the day of the purchase’s delivery. Once this period is ended, FLECHA will not accept returns for a mater of a client’s withdrawal.


Returning shipping costs of an original artwork

If you want to return an artwork, the shipping costs will be assumed by you, so they will be deducted at the time of repayment.

But if the return cause is based on a defective artwork or the artwork simply does not correspond with the purchased item, FLECHA will also refund the shipping costs.

Personalized orders (posters with and without frame) cannot be canceled or returned unless the item does not correspond to the order.


How will I receive the refunded amount?

Once FLECHA checks that the return has been processed correctly, and the artwork is returned in a perfect condition, the refund will be processed.

The refund will be made by the same payment system used for the acquisition of the artwork, within forty-eight (48) hours from the confirmation of the artwork’s recpetion by the artist and in any case, no later than within 14 calendar days since you communicated your withdrawal.


User’s account

How do I register in FLECHA?

Very easy. Click on "My Account". A window will pop up with the option to "log in" (left), or "create account" (right).

Click on the latter option, and enter your name, e-mail and password in the fields marked and once you do this, you will automatically become part of

Another option is to register by clicking within an artwork, and you will see a button that appears in the upper right part of the artwork (as a doll with the + symbol). Once you click on this button, the process is the same as the explained above.


I do not remember my password. What do I do?

Have you forgotten your password? No problem. Below the box where you have to enter the password, you will see the option "password reset". Click there, and then we will send you an e-mail to your personal account with a new password, which you can change at any time.


Can I change my account from user to artist?

Yes, in this case, you should simply access to your profile and you will see, down below, the option of chaging your account to an artist account. Once you click there, you will need to follow the procedure that we establish.

Nevertheless, we recommend you to contact us if you have any doubt regarding this matter.


How I can edit my profile?

If you want to modify any data related to your account, you just simply have to select the option "edit profile", and make the changes that you wish.


How do I register to the newsletter?

To register to our newsletter, you just have to click on the "Subscribe" box, which appears at the top and bottom of our home page, and enter your email.


How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

If you want to unsubscribe from our Newsletter, please contact us by e-mail:, and we will manage it as quickly as possible, or simply click on the “unsubscribing box” that appears at the bottom of every newsletter.


FLECHA’S Community

What does it mean to share an artwork in a social media?

Sharing an artwork from, entails that it is published in the social network you choose, and, consequently, your followers will be able to see it and comment it. It is, therefore, a dynamic process between people that allows you to share your interests and comment them in a single click.


How useful is sharing things in social media?

Sharing an art piece is beneficial for in terms of acquiring and generating dynamism, by expressing new aspects of your personality, sensitivity or aesthetic and artistic tastes. For the artist, it can be an additional communication channel, and for FLECHA, a way to promote our products among a larger number of people.


How can we share an artwork in social media?

To share an artwork in social networks, you just need to click on the logo that has an arrow on it, which appears in the lateral side of the art piece.


What does it mean to give a “like” to an art piece?

Giving an art piece a like allows you to create a personal space with all your favourite artworks, and enjoy them. Also, it can be a reminder for possible future purchases!