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Pareja de Gitanos - Pair of Gypsies |Pintura de RICHARD MARTIN | Compra arte en Pareja de Gitanos - Pair of Gypsies | Pintura de RICHARD MARTIN | Compra arte en

Pareja de Gitanos - Pair of Gypsies



Acrílico y Lienzo

Pareja de Gitanos - Pair of Gypsies Curvismo Obra preselecionada premios Paul Ricard - Facultat de Sevilla Descripción: Pareja de Gitanos Por un lado es una referencia a la discriminación interna y externa, ya sea en el plano social, laboral, económico o político. Y en el caso de ciertas etnias los cliches existen partida doble. En el hombre situado en la parte izquierda he intentado reflejar dos aspectos: el primero es la chaqueta tiene un acabado menos plano, en referencia al estatus. Por otro lado, destaco sus genitales. Los genitales representan su pureza y su fuerza. La mujer gitana muchas veces una doble discriminación. Esta es por muchos aspectos: por ser mujer, por ser gitana y por todas las adversidades extras que debe afrontar. Es por ello que la sitúo en pie, más pequeña, con una lágrima en la mejilla. Ella toca la guitarra. Pero es un elemento simbólico, ya que su significado principal es su capacidad de luchar, de improvisar para poder tirar hacia adelante con lo que tiene para afrontar la vida. Description: On the one hand, it is a reference to internal and external discrimination, whether at the social, labor, economic or political level. And in the case of certain ethnic groups cliches exist double game. In the man on the left, I tried to reflect two aspects: the first is the jacket has a less flat finish, in reference to the status. On the other hand, I highlight his genitals. The genitals represent their purity and strength. The gypsy woman often double discrimination. This is for many aspects: for being a woman, for being a gypsy and for all the extra adversities that she must face. That is why I place her on her feet, smaller, with a tear on her cheek. She plays the guitar. But it is a symbolic element, since its main meaning is its ability to fight, to improvise to be able to pull forward with what it has to face life.

90 x 105 x 3 cm


With the stage name of RICHARD MAYA, he was born in Zurich in 1968. Its origins come from two different cultures that have had a decisive influence on work. Bachelor of Communication and Public Relations specialized in corporate and institutional image. Open University of Catalonia. Member of the Association of Designers of Catalonia (2005-2013) Graduated from the Llotja School of Design and Illustration Art. UOC Humanities Studies Anthropology and Sociology. Faculty of Exact Sciences of the University of Mathematics of Barcelona. His professional activity is in the field of plastic and visual arts: painting, graphic design, photography, printmaking and audiovisual communication. Conduct seminars on communication and creativity. [Curvism - Curvism - Curvism] is a discipline that tries to express forms and feelings through curved and infinite lines. Color, shape, and spelling are the backbone. There is a search for the curve as an element of language. Gesture. The internal drive How we relate, grow, love, ...
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