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Leticia Felgueroso
120 x 80 x 2 cm 1.650€


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Play |Pintura de Nadia Jaber | Compra arte en Flecha.es Play | Pintura de Nadia Jaber | Compra arte en Flecha.es Play | Pintura de Nadia Jaber | Compra arte en Flecha.es Play | Pintura de Nadia Jaber | Compra arte en Flecha.es Play | Pintura de Nadia Jaber | Compra arte en Flecha.es Play | Pintura de Nadia Jaber | Compra arte en Flecha.es

Nadia Jaber
Play, 2017



Acrílico sobre canvas

En la serie "Asimetría", la composición de cada pintura se crea espontáneamente en el lienzo mediante una combinación de diferentes elementos y texturas. Al igual que en la técnica de marquetería, combino diferentes patrones y texturas para crear una nueva composición única, con las piezas aplicadas en forma de rompecabezas en lugar de en capas. La inspiración viene en la pintura de diferentes fuentes, por ejemplo, patrones populares como las rayas blancas y negras y los lunares, los primeros garabatos de Cy Twombly, los materiales de piedra como el mármol y el granito, y los elementos urbanos como los colores de neón. El resultado es una composición lúdica geométrica sin adornos añadidos, con un estilo simple y fuerte. La obra continua por los lados por lo que no se requiere enmarcar. Firmado en la parte posterior de la pintura, y entregado listo para colgar.

100 x 100 x 3.5 cm


Nadia Jaber (Barcelona, 1986) lives and works in Barcelona. Her work has been featured in “15 Emerging Female Artists To Invest in Before They Blow Up” selected by Saatchi Art Head Curator Rebecca Wilson, and her paintings have been included in interior design projects featured in AD Spain Magazine. Nadia Jaber’s paintings jump around, scrolling between textures, flipping tabs into new color palettes and stretching materiality. She riffs between styles and ideas, cutting and scratching them like a DJ would, to curate something entirely new. The eyes and mind can keep up of course, because we’re used to this hyperactive image intake - we do it all day, every day on our phones. “about:blank” is Nadia’s series reflecting not just on our visual ADHD but on what the mysterious machines behind social media are making us want, or think we want, and what that means for art appreciation. How about the artist as a postdigitalist algorithm, an online magpie curating a found line, shape, and color to generate an analog version of the digital stream of information. Nadia’s work is a full-scale rebellion against the smoke and mirrors of social media - her tactile paintings add new dimensions and demand to be looked at from every angle. The work is generative in that it’s a remix of some other artworks. Its narrative structure is set up to tell a new story every time you see it, depending on where you start. Nobody with their wits about them would question that the art world is increasingly virtual and that its health hasn’t been better in decades. So the question here prays: are technologies to blame or to praise? Andy Warhol, one of the most accomplished ambassadors of appropriation, was ecstatic after discovering the wonders of silk-screening. In one of the fewest interviews available online —omnipotent technology in full bloom— Warhol told to Art News’s reporter Gene Swenson a rather legendary line: «I think everybody should be a machine. I think everybody should like everybody». It was 1962. Warhol anticipated not only the behavior of today’s technologies but the ultimate lust of artists like Nadia, who are openly challenging themselves to become precisely that same technology. In her artist’s statement, Nadia claims her desire to ‘operate like an algorithm’ and acknowledges that the breadcrumbs spread over her creative path by the Instagram one, have helped her discover the current inspirations for her work; inspirations that have actually become her work in some classical appropriation fashion. In her statement of digital belonging, Nadia reflects on the search of her true voice as an artist that has found herself dazzled by the myriad of constellations developed by social media and their insatiable algorithms. Being supported by such a powerful source has definitely changed her creative process, her interaction with the world and her way of living in some equally unavoidable way. So the question is not what to focus on, but rather how to focus at all. Warhol, Duchamp, Burroughs or Lydia Lunch dreamt of the same language, where cut and paste was a frequency that stitched together the voice of multiplicity. At the end of the day, a piece of art is like a piece of anything else: something slightly concluded yet unending, seamless and sewed, a traveling light, that has been repeated, reflected, destroyed and rescued endless times. Any creative work carries a voice in itself that unites former dots and completes the seamless work of the traditions before us while engaging with progress and dreaming of upcoming revolutions. In a time where the online world is a flimsy lonely place, and the real is, in fact, keeping us company, shouldn’t we start analogizing rather than digitizing? EDUCATION: Parsons, the New School for Design, NYC. Sant LLuc Artistic Center, Barcelona. UPCOMING EXHIBITIONS: - BOLD Group Show, 25 January 2020, APRESTADORA Gallery, BARCELONA - The Other Art Fair, 16th - 19th April 2020, LOS ANGELES - Solo show, 7 May - 7 June 2020, GARNA ART GALLERY. MADRID PAST EXHIBITIONS: - Solo show "ABOUT:BLANK", 26th October 2019 - 14th December 2019, No Free Bread Gallery, LA - The Other Art Fair, 7- 11th Nov 2019, NYC - The Other Art Fair, 2- 5th May 2019, NYC - Flecha Art Fair, 28th March - 28th April 2019, MALLORCA - Flecha Art Fair, 7th February - 10 March 2019, MADRID WEBSITE: www.nadiajaber.com / INSTAGRAM: @nadia_jaber_
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