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103 Early Hints |Pintura de Nadia Jaber | Compra arte en 103 Early Hints | Pintura de Nadia Jaber | Compra arte en

Nadia Jaber
103 Early Hints, 2019



Acrílico, aerógrafo, pastel, luz led, y costura sobre canvas

Nadia Jaber’s paintings jump around, scrolling between textures, flipping tabs into new color palettes and stretching materiality. She riffs between styles and ideas, cutting and scratching them like a DJ would, to curate something entirely new. The eyes and mind can keep up of course, because we’re used to this hyperactive image intake - we do it all day, everyday on our phones. “://about blank” is Nadia’s series reflecting not just on our visual ADHD but on what the mysterious machines behind social media are making us want, or think we want, and what that means for art appreciation. How about the artist as a postdigitalist algorithm, an online magpie curating a found line, shape, and color to generate an analogue version of the digital stream of information. Nadia’s work is a full-scale rebellion against the smoke and mirrors of social media - her tactile paintings add new dimensions and demand to be looked at from every angle. The artwork makes the virtual vibrant, a grid of sketchy scribbles alongside a pattern from Luc Pierre, a line from Taylor White, and a flower from Michael Georgetti that switches up to vibrant hand-cut lettering. Nadia takes an old-fashioned needle and neatly sews it all together. The work is generative in that it’s a remix of some other artworks. Its narrative structure is set up to tell a new story every time you see it, depending on where you start. In a time where the online world is a flimsy lonely place, and the real is in fact keeping us company, shouldn’t we start analogue-izing rather than digitizing? Painting composed of 9 different canvases sewed together and a led light (power supply 3AA / USB, voltage 4.5V). Painted on the sides, so no need to frame it. Signed at the back of the painting, and delivered stretched and ready to hang.

100 x 160 x 3.5 cm


La pintora Nadia Jaber (Barcelona, 1986) canaliza al artista como un algoritmo postdigital, filtrando el flujo de información online y seleccionando de éste una forma, línea o fragmento para generar una versión analógica del mismo dentro de un nuevo contexto. El trabajo de Nadia reflexiona no solo sobre nuestro TDAH visual, sino también sobre lo que las misteriosas máquinas detrás de las redes sociales nos hacen querer o pensar que queremos, y lo que esto significa para la apreciación del arte. Su trabajo ha aparecido en el artículo "15 artistas femeninas emergentes para invertir antes de que estallen" seleccionado por la curadora jefe de arte de Saatchi Art, Rebecca Wilson, y sus pinturas se han incluido en proyectos de diseño de interiores presentados en la revista AD Spain. Ha participado en dos ediciones de “The Other Art Fair” en Nueva York (2019), así como una exposición individual en Santa Mónica, Los Ángeles (2019). También ha participado en ferias de arte en Madrid y Mallorca (2019) organizadas por la galería Flecha.
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