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Héctor Glez
114 x 146 x 3 cm 1.940€


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Bursting greek vase meets Matisse |Dibujo de Lisa | Compra arte en Bursting greek vase meets Matisse | Dibujo de Lisa | Compra arte en Bursting greek vase meets Matisse | Dibujo de Lisa | Compra arte en Bursting greek vase meets Matisse | Dibujo de Lisa | Compra arte en

Bursting greek vase meets Matisse, 2021


Dibujo Ilustración Pintura

Acrílico, acuarela y tinta china en papel

Of the series "World vases", this drawing on paper combines greek cultural elements like the container with modernist painting, referring to Matisse as a visual inspiration, much like he did when he painted his mixed cultural graphisms with a unique style - his own expression of thought. I like to play with different techniques and images from distinctive time and place objects. Iconic decorative pottery and a time journey into human utensils. We use vases, containers, vessels, bowls that define our day to day life. Bringing that theme to light is bringing our own humanity and behaviours. A look into miscellaneous material icons that reveal equality and pairing. Bright colors, with black contours of ecolines and acrylics on cardboard.

50 x 70 x 0.1 cm


Artista plástica y investigadora de art desde 2008, con formación académica en filosofia del art y museologia. Comisaria algunos proyectos artísticos en Lisboa, Barcelona y Paris. Exposiciones individuales y colectivas de pintura y dibujo en Lisboa, Oporto, Barcelona, Palma de Maiorca y Nueva Iorque. Está preprando 2 exposiciones para el año 2022, una en el Museo Quinta de Santiago, en Matozinhos; la otra en el Forum Maia, en Oporto.
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